Sector 19

Sector 19

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About Client:

Sector19 is a Dry Fruits store located at APMC Market Vashi Navi Mumbai, they sell healthy dry fruits. They wanted to win the search market to attract new online customers and improve their business exposure with the help of SEO optimized Website. We worked with website design and development that aimed to boost their business.  Client Name: Sector 19  Industry: Dry Fruit Store  Tools: WordPress WooCommerce 

The Project

Website Design & Development: The client wanted to launch brand new website from scratch. They came to us in need of a complete website design & development.  

The project is design and development of a simple, good looking website, with a proper layout and Simple contact form which is optimized for laptops, PCs, tablets and mobile phones to facilitate reach and conversion. 

Using the latest responsive technology, we developed the site to enable all visitor experiences to be cohesive and fluid across all devices. 


The Challenge

One of the most challenging tasks was developing the product-friendly contact form. We customized this task and able to make a customer-friendly contact form with the help of Gravity form and gravity perk plugins.

The Solution

We built a dynamic website on a WordPress platform. The website is SEO friendly, Responsive with an easy content management system, and Contains customized contact forms.  

Crafted the User Experience 

Before starting the design & development, a Pre-Project Website Design Checklist was sent to the client. Our team did an in-depth analysis as per the scope of work and related supporting documents, such that each process linked to the final preparation of the website was clearly understood. A comprehensive, detailed brief, guiding document for the project was provided by the client. We went over the guidelines, examined the documents our client had sent and, researched the competition. 

Created the user interface 

Based on the requirements and concepts, the HOME PAGE design was worked out depending on the reference sites shared. The UI included visual, interactive elements of an interface, including buttons, icons, spacing, typography, color schemes, and responsive design. The design was approved in the first go with some minor alterations.

Developed the website 

Once the website was finalized and approved, the customized contact form was developed, as per the client's requirement, all the functions of the website run smoothly. 


The Result

We were successful in presenting the client exactly what they wanted i.e a simple and easy to navigate website with simple contact filling form, along with the proper SEO services.  Even when initially our team was facing problem in the user interface department, at the end they were able to sort it out and presented the perfect website for such small businesses.

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