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Nitrogen Mumbai

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About The Clients

Nitrogen Mumbai is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer for women’s ethnic wear and offers the best of the best original and authentic ethnic clothes for women. The company also offers you customized services, where you can get designer clothes custom made as per your requirement.  

Client Name: Nitrogen Mumbai 
Industry: Women’s Clothing 
Tools: WordPress WooCommerce 


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About the Project

Website Design & Development: The company wanted to redesign & redevelop their existing website: The aim was to create a clean, contemporary and responsive website for the Indian ethnic & traditional clothing. They were looking for a website that was easy to navigate and use.  

The project is design and developed to make the website responsive, with a proper layout.

SEO: An e-commerce clothing retailer Nitrogen Mumbai hired us to improve their SEO.  

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The Challenges

The older version of the website was not responsive, had outdated visual design. The website had lack of quality images, and confusing user journey and lack of clear signposting. The launch of this new web site was a big milestone, for sure. We had to make the website ready to launch in just 15 days. 

The site was with lack of content. Also, whatever content existed wasn’t aligned with the keyword search intent. We found the website doesn’t have a single backlink, and requires a proper on page optimization. 

The Solution

We built a dynamic website on a WordPress platform. The website is SEO friendly, Responsive with an easy content management system and Contains contact forms. Our Website Design and Development team was well aware about the issues in Nitrogen Mumbai’s website, although it was not an easy task due to lack of several important factors in their website but at the end the task was handled and the outcome was remarkable.

Crafted the User Experience 

Before starting the design & development, a Pre-Project Website Design Checklist was sent to the client. Our team, did an in-depth analysis as per the scope of work and related supporting documents, such that each process linked to the final preparation of the website was clearly understood. A comprehensive, detailed brief, guiding document for the project was provided by the client. We went over the guidelines, examined the documents our client had sent and, researched the competition. 

Created the user interface 

Based on the requirements and concepts, the HOME PAGE design was worked out depending on the reference sites shared. The UI included visual, interactive elements of an interface, including buttons, icons, spacing, typography, color schemes, and responsive design. The design was approved in the first go with some minor alterations. 


We began with a technical audit of the site. The audit gave us a list of issues to fix on-site on our end. Fix All the technical issues.  Optimized images and meta tags. Created high quality backlink. 

Then each section was assigned to a writer, we gave them an outline that covered all the main info they had to cover. Established writer guidelines that explained all the main requirements for writing good SEO content.  

Developed the website 

Once the home page was finalized and approved, the inside pages were developed, on the similar lines based on the sitemap of the project. The elements designed in the previous steps were utilized to code on the site to make it function and run smoothly. 

The Result of Our Work

Website view of our Client Nitrogen Mumbai

We have built a modern E-commerce website that is SEO friendly. Giving the result of increase in demographics, a large number of customers are visiting on basis of every month and the company is having a blast in their conversion rate.

Even when the company was offering several benefits, they were not able to get more customers because many of them were not aware of such benefits, finally we came to an understanding that displaying such benefits to the customers on the home page would give us some advantage, resulting in the increase of customers on the website.

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